Using Content Marketing to Grow Your Brand Online

MarketingIf you have tried a number of online marketing campaigns and are just not seeing the desired results, it might be time for you to switch things up and try a route that is sure to get you more traffic. If you are not familiar with how content marketing works, the following will be a real eye-opener for you. The best part is that it will take just as much effort to get this campaign off the ground as it would any other, but the results will be longer lasting and even increase the SEO of your website.

Here are some of the ways to use content marketing to expand your online reach from onQsites, LLC – a leader in Charleston SEO, Charleston SC.

Online seminars are all the rage these days for a number of reason. Your visitors can sign up, show up at the predetermined time, and simply kick back and watch the show. The best part is that you a reach a huge audience with minimal effort, and your potential new customers can get a real feel for how you conduct business. The goal here is giving the consumer so much valuable that they feel compelled to come back to your website for more information. Then you have the unique opportunity to sell them on other products or services after they feel comfortable.

Videos are king these days, you have the chance to get your message out there without having to put the visitor in a position to have to read countless pages of content. Today the information is flying around at the speed of light, and your visitors want everything immediately. If they had the choice of reading a 1,000 word article on your website or watching a video on the same page, they will watch that 5 minute video over and over again. This is huge because you can really connect with your audience and leave them wanting more each time if you only give them a sampling each video series.

Other ways to connect with the visitors on your website with content marketing is with polls, whiteboards, and podcasts. The key here is telling stories rather than making the visitor have to sit and just read about the information. The more engaging the content, the better the result for the bottom line of your business.

Now that you know the power of content marketing, give it a try and enjoy the huge rush of steady targeted traffic you will begin to see.


Buying a Boat – Costs Checklist to Stay on Budget

The biggest reason so many people are trying to get out of the boat deal soon after they buy is because they did not take the time to carefully analyze all the costs involved with being a boat owner, states a representative from a leading boats sale listing site. It does not matter if you buy new or used, the costs to maintain your boat and ensure it is ready for the water each time does add up.

Dad and Son Boating
If you take the time to budget accordingly by setting aside all the money you need before buying your boat, you should have smooth sailing with your family and friends out on the water each time.

Here are some of the things you must budget for when you want to become a boat owner;

1. If you are going to keep the boat at home, you must buy a trailer and expect to have a little extra for the fuel costs to haul the boat to the marina. If you are going to store the boat at the marina so you can jump in and go each trip, you need to carefully consider that annual dock fee. Shop around because not all marinas charge the same to keep a boat on their property.

2. You must take a local boating safety class to ensure all your guests are going to be safe when you are miles from shore. In addition to learning all about boat safety, you need to purchase plenty of safety equipment that will be on the boat each trip, including plenty of life jackets for all your guests and yourself.

3. In order to ensure you have a safe trip each time you leave the docks, you need to have a skilled local boat mechanic checking your vessel from time to time. Just like how you schedule regular check ups for your car, you need to have a mechanic looking at the boat to see if they can spot any troubles or fix what needs attention today.

4. Storing your boat that the marina in the winter means they will need to winterize our boat too. This is a cost that is above the yearly dock fees, so be sure you get all these figures in writing before you are hit with a huge bill out of no where.

Now that you have some idea what to prepare for when buying a boat, budgeting will make this a seamless process and allow you to focus on creating cherished memories with your guests.




Why A Real Estate Agent is Essential for Selling a House

Charleston homesIf you have never sold a house before, this is not like selling a car or a piece of furniture. Not only is the sale of the house a complicated process, you have to take into account that during the selling process you have to find a new place, time the move so you close and move to the new house, and then get everything moved and buttoned up at the old house before unpacking in the new house.

“There is simply not enough hours for you to do everything, this is why the real estate agent is essential to a successful closing” states Premier One a leader in houses for sale Charleston SC. “Consider just a few of the things your real estate agent is working on behind the scenes”.

Even before you house is listed in the MLS, your realtor is hard at working staging the house so those pictures they take cast your house in the best possible light. First impressions are everything in real estate, and if you can attract potential buyers with pictures and videos, then half the battle is won.

Your realtor also buys houses, and they have a nice list of potential buyers they will be reaching out to and seeing if they are interested. Usually the first few buyers that walk through your house are clients of your real estate agent. They can make a full commission if they are lucky enough to have both buyer and seller.

Once the house is listed, your real estate agent is going to be working hard to get your home in as many home selling publications as possible. Many times the realtor pays for these advertisements out of their own pocket in an effort to get the house sold in a timely manner.

Your real estate agent has connections with a number of home inspectors, closing agents, and lawyers. If there is a service needed to help close the deal, your agent will put you in touch with people she has worked with in the past that will take exceptional care of you.

Once the house is listed, your real estate agent is going to schedule an open house in an effort to get as many potential buyers in the door in as short a time as possible. Your realtor spends the whole day working the visitors on your behalf.

Now that you know just some of the things your real estate agent is working on, be sure to research and find the best one for your unique situation so they can help streamline the selling process for you.